What if Our Future Looked More Like Baymax and Less Like the Terminator?

A look into making AI both a companion and conclusion of your design process

At Blink, we have been incorporating AI into our process, outcomes, and client work to see the boundaries of what it can do, and more importantly, what it shouldn’t.
In this talk, members of Blink’s design team – Senior UX Designer Atulya Chaganty, Head of Research Brittany Shiesel, and VP of Design Scott Lambridis – will discuss how we’re evolving our evidence-driven design process to specifically explore how AI can benefit our clients’ products, customers, and businesses across industries, plus our approach to exploring the ways AI can supercharge the design process itself.
We’ll share with you how we got started, what we considered, hurdles we faced, where we are now, and how you can start your own process and practice of incorporating AI into your flow.

You’ll learn:

  • How a variety of industries are thinking about and implementing AI today
  • The potential for AI in the human-centered design process
  • An approach to evolving your organization’s products and services with AI
  • A framework for safely incorporating AI in your own design process

This talk is for anyone interested, skeptical, excited, curious, hesitant, impressed, or even dubious of AI in design. Come join us as we share all about it.

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