Atulya Chaganty
UX Designer • Blink

Seattle, Washington

Atulya Chaganty is an interdisciplinary UX Designer. She loves design problems that are like the annoying tangled ball of Christmas tree lights: knotty, complex, with lots of ins and outs that she can unravel into warm, shiny joy.

Before becoming a hardcore designer, Atulya studied English, communications & culture, and law & society at Clark University. She was on a path to law school before realizing it meant she couldn’t wear bedazzled shoes and bright crazy patterns. She shifted gears and went to the Rhode Island School of Design for her Master in Industrial Design where she focused on systems thinking and social impact projects. Prior to Blink, Atulya worked on projects from end-to-end for NASA, Reebok, NIKE, T-Mobile, Boeing, The Washington State Department of Transportation as well as many other social impact projects at varying scales.

Outside of Blink, you’ll most likely find Atulya wandering the library, crafting away on the living room floor, or playing tennis and laughing with other humans at her local court.

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