We look forward to you joining us at ConveyUX in-person or online to learn the latest in UX, grow your skills, and connect with like-minded peers from around the world. ConveyUX is a hub for learning, networking, and career advancement. You’ll learn how industry experts are adapting their processes in an AI-driven era and walk away with new strategies and insights you can implement right away.

To optimize the value you get out of the conference, we recommend you take a strategic approach to the three-day event. Here are several tips.

Engage Actively in Sessions and Workshops

Maximize Learning: Choose sessions that align with your career goals. Take notes and ask questions to deepen your understanding of the subjects.

Skill Enhancement: Participate in workshops to gain hands-on experience with new tools and methodologies that are in demand in the tech industry.

Network Intentionally and Share Your Knowledge

Connect with Peers: Use breaks and social events to meet peers who can provide insights into other sectors or technologies.

Meet Industry Leaders: Seek out speakers and industry leaders to discuss trends and potential opportunities.

Find Collaboration Opportunities: Look for potential partners or vendors who can support your projects or career growth.

Contribute to Discussions: Offer your insights during Q&A sessions or informal discussions to share your expertise.

Follow Up Post-Conference

Consolidate Connections: Connect with new contacts on professional networks like LinkedIn.

Continuous Learning: Review session recordings or materials to reinforce your new knowledge.

Join the Conversation

Remember: be proactive and strategic to catalyze your career growth.

If you haven’t yet registered, consider joining the conversation and community.