Hear Directly From UX Researchers!

Are you a user experience (UX) researcher?

If you are, do yourself an enormous favor and join ConveyUX ’23, May 2-4, 2023.

The creators of ConveyUX (an annual conference since 2013) wanted to create an event for UX professionals and up-and-coming talent — like you — that was both practical and worthwhile. They removed traditionally academic elements (lots of theory and dry speakers) and designed a conference where you hear directly from UX pros from around the world.

UX research is a popular interest area at ConveyUX ’23. With more than 60 speakers in the program, this Seattle-based event features multiple presentations specific to research. For example, check out a few of the talks related to UX research:

Why Your Stakeholders Hate (or Love) You (Lambert, Oliver, and McCurdy)
What UXR can learn from [ insert field here ] (Desai)
Inclusive User Research to Build an Accessible Design System (Weinstein)
Product Research as a Risk Mitigation Strategy for Product Development (Sanches)

But don’t stop there!

You’ll want to see what’s in store for all the ConveyUX ’23 interest areas:


This is a tremendous opportunity to engage colleagues from around the world — to hear about the latest trends and best practices and to grow your network.

ConveyUX ’23 is a powerhouse for UXers who want to enhance their value and contribution as practitioners. It will be 100% live and online. And you’ll walk away with transcripts, speaker slide decks, and recordings of all educational sessions.

Your fellow UX Researchers would love to see you there!

Check it out!