How to Hire and Manage Consulting Firms and Freelancers

Sometimes it makes sense to hire a full-time employee and sometimes it doesn’t – but how do you decide? In this talk, Cory Lebson, author of The UX Careers Handbook and lifetime UX consultant discusses the decisions around hiring a consulting firm or freelance consultant for your UX needs. Find out: What kind of UX […]

Crafting the Discovery Phase: Starting design projects right

Overview Discovery is essential to successful design, setting the tone and direction for your project. This workshop takes the mystery out of discovery, giving you a framework for designing the most effective discovery phases. Description Whether you call it discovery, strategy, requirements, research, or inception, the first 20% of a design project can make or […]

Planning for Strategic Design

In response to a manager’s query about how to plan products, Alan Kay famously remarked “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” His answer invokes a paradox at the heart of design: we can’t know the future, yet it’s what we design for. If we hope to practice design successfully in […]

North Star Principles: Creating a Vision for UX and Product Development

Gain clarity, guide UX design, lead product development, and stop the back-and-forth, dropped features, and team frustration. Whether redesigning an existing application, creating new digital products and services, or simply adding new features, it becomes a struggle for companies to maintain a consistent vision across all of their customer touchpoints. The result can sometimes be […]

Content First Prototyping

Over the last several years, we’ve seen a sharp rise in the availability and popularity of tools for prototyping interaction, motion, and visual design. And with good reason: we’re quickly learning that at multiple points in the design process, there’s no substitute for putting a contextually authentic experience in front of actual users and getting real, […]

Content Audits: Looking Back to Look Forward

Everyone knows that we audit content to understanding what’s there on a website, in order to determine what to keep going forward. But content audits actually present another big opportunity: to help an organization understand their content well enough to make decisions and create rules for it going forward. How long do individual content types […]

Employing UX Research Methods to Create User-informed Text

Session slides UX writers at Google craft the words for apps that get read by millions of users. Partnering with research can mean the difference between an app that fails and one that takes off. This talk focuses on the importance of collaboration between UX writing and UX research. Yvonne Gando (UX Writer) and Utkarsh […]