From MVP to DVF: Aligning Product Development To True Customer Desire

In this talk, we’ll explore why most minimal viable products often fall short of true customer need. Arif will discuss how mindful product development allows us to move past minimum viable product to building product that are desirable, viable and feasible.  He will explore ways to unlock customer desire while leveraging business feasibility to hone in on […]

Voice Product Strategy

The new world of voice-driven products is exciting and the opportunities are many. They present an opportunity that could be more disruptive than the web or mobile in the long term. For that to happen, some of the the considerations and steps require an evolution of product and design approaches. This workshop will introduce you […]

Product Design for How People Think

Using Brain Science to Build Better Products Companies spend enormous amounts of time and money designing the experience for products and services. But in truth, “the” user experience isn’t a singular experience at all. And it doesn’t happen on any screen – it happens in the mind. More specifically, the six minds. Discover how UX […]

Adapting Scrum for UX Design Teams

Over the years I have seen a lack of process sabotage even the best UX strategy. Efforts to earn a seat at the table fail when others struggle to understand how you deliver value to the company, they aren’t sure what deliverables to expect or when to expect them. This can make UX seem more […]

Lean Agile Optimization Explained

…. And a word about Lean UX Is agile the same as lean? Do people use different types of agile why? The goal of lean to eliminate waste and optimize process in order to achieve quality, speed, and customer value. So what does this have to do with user experience? The Agile process itself is […]

What really happens when Agile meets User Experience

Design experts often leverage the best of design thinking, user research, and lean user experience to create products customer love. With the increasing popularity of agility in digital product development, there are a lot of natural synergies with the design process, but it comes with its share of challenges. In this talk we talk about […]

Developing Durable Stakeholder Agreement with In/Tension Models

You’ve heard the wise saying about going far and going fast? Of course it would be better if the grand group of stakeholders for our projects were meaningfully involved and actively engaged in setting up the project for success. But that’s like herding cats, right? And possibly the most expensive meeting of the year. Even […]

Elevate your Product Design by Unifying UX and Brand Strategies

The design of a product is influenced by a variety of perspectives. It is not unusual for product management, UX design, and brand strategy to have conflicting agendas. How do we ensure that all of these perspectives can have a voice in the design process and move forward together, leveraging their respective contributions? In this session, […]

Digital Transformation: Going Beyond Buzzwords

Digital Transformation is not about applying the latest trending technology to your company’s value proposition out of fear of falling behind. Instead, it’s an overarching strategy with measurable milestones for reshaping the way that the business runs in order to provide a better customer experience. This requires senior leadership, product owners and cross-functional teams to […]