Quba Michalski
Director of Innovation • Blink

Director of Innovation • Blink

Seattle, Washington

Quba Michalski is the director of innovation at Blink. His primary role (and his passion in life) is exploring emerging technologies and finding new, exciting ways to use them. Whether it’s virtual and augmented reality, robotics, drones, lasers, artificial intelligence, or some top-secret thing we can’t yet talk about, Quba is probably using it to build a new prototype this very moment.

Prior to joining Blink, Quba has worked as a Creative Director and Technologist at Autofuss, Bot&Dolly, Google, Imago and his own studio: QubaVR. His professional experience starts with the early days of desktop publishing and follows the evolution of computer-aided design through visual, interactive and motion design, film and visual effects, animation, real-time computer graphics, and XR.