Gwen BettsDirector of Product Experience • Rapid7

Director of Product Experience • Rapid7

Boston, MA

Gwen is an outcomes-driven, customer-centric design leader that is spirited about building brands, teams, and solutions focused on the end-to-end holistic experience, via product, marketing, and services. From agency to product organizations, she’s led UX and creative teams to craft easy-to-consume digital solutions from complex problem spaces, ultimately delivering on customer outcomes and business-line growth. Currently as the Director of Product Experience and Delivery at Rapid7, Gwen leads a unit of UX designers, writers, and engineers to discover, design, and deliver everyday remarkable product experiences that help customers achieve their cybersecurity goals. With years on the front lines delivering digital solutions, Gwen believes the keys to success are humility, deep partnership, and tight collaboration. Her one truth is “you don’t know what you don’t know.”