Elodie Kwan
UX/Visual Designer • Blink

San Francisco, California

Elodie Kwan is a UX/Visual Designer at Blink UX, an evidence-driven design and research agency. Fascinated by the human experience, she enjoys deep diving into the why behind design and crafting elegant yet functional designs, well-suited for the predictably irrational humans we all are.In her past professional life, Elodie built out business operations infrastructure at early-stage startups experiencing rapid growth. Her work led her to calling Spain and Kenya home for a few years before she ultimately returned back to the United States. Craving more technicolor and creativity in her professional life, Elodie made the pivot from business operations to product design a few years ago and has loved every minute of it since. She is happiest working on digital design because of how it sits at the intersection of two things that fascinate her most in this world — technology and human behavior. Outside of Blink, you’ll find Elodie traveling the world and eating any and all foods, climbing every rock and mountain she comes across, advocating for mental health access in marginalized communities, and wandering out into the night in search of the perfect astrophotography conditions.

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