photo of Cătălina Manea

Cătălina Manea

PNC Bank

Senior UXer  • Cleveland, OH

My name is Cătălina Manea and I am currently a Senior UXer at PNC Bank. I am originally from Romania but have lived in the US for a few years. Over the course of my professional career, I have come across issues with communication and lack of process in the tech world. I absolutely believe that such issues can be solved through something as simple as open communication, transparency and by having people go outside their work/team areas to talk to each other! I have become very passionate about Agile in UX and about leveraging Design Systems processes to solve and combat such issues. Aside from that, I’m currently venturing into VUI and mobile development.

When I’m not moving pixels, I focus on arts, including dance, photography and painting. I love to travel and Seattle is one of my favorite places to visit.