photo of Joe WelinskeThank you for registering for the ConveyUX conference. Here are notes about some of the resources that are available to you. UPDATED March 7, 2019.

Useful Info for Attendeees

Venue / Travel

All of the conference activities take place at the Bell Harbor Conference Center. Details are on our Venue & Travel page.

Code of Conduct

The ConveyUX conference has a Code of Conduct that we expect attendees to adhere to. For related issues contact Joe Welinske: 206-304-1687. For immediate assistance, go the the Renaissance reception where you entered the conference facility.

Conference web app – SCHED

Our official conference web app is SCHED. With SCHED, you can set up your own conference agenda and an optional personal profile.

You should have received an email from SCHED when you registered for the conference. The sending address is ‘Sched’ <[email protected]>. Your logon uses the email address you used when registering. If you can’t find it, you can do a password reset.

Password reset

  1. Go to the SCHED Conference home page.
  2. In the Log in with Sched box, select the link Reset your password.
  3. Type the email address you used when you registered for the conference. Answer the robot/security questions.
  4. Check your email as described above and follow the directions in the email to complete your personal logon.

The schedule is currently up-to-date, but we will be making adjustments through to the end of the conference. This is the best place to get the latest info on your own device.

Please note: SCHED is a web-based tool – not specifically an iPhone/Android app. You can use it through any browser.

Conference information, including detailed session descriptions and speaker bios, is also available through However, this only page that will be regularly updated is this FAQ. The latest scheduling updates will be on SCHED.


The Westlake Center station in the Metro bus tunnel represents the center of town. If you are taking the Link light rail from the airport, it stops there. From there, take a Lyft or walk to the conference center on the waterfront. The Pike Place Market has an elevator and stairs that descend to Alaskan Way. Another way is via Bell Street where a bridge takes you right across Alaskan Way to the conference center.

Parking is valet-only and expensive at the hotels. Early bird parking in nearby lots is generally around $15 per day. Those lots are often full by 8:30am. The closet public parking is the Bell Harbor Conference Center garage located across Alaska  Way from the conference center. It charges by the hour with a maximum charge of $24 per day. The convenient aspect is that it is connected to pedestrian bridge that goes directly into the conference area. Entrances are located on Elliott Ave. and Wall St.

The downtown area is filled with quick-access bikes. This is a cheap and easy way to move around. Vendors include Lime and Jump.


You do not need to have a printed ticket. Just tell us your name to receive your badge and other materials. If you received your confirmation from EventBrite and have been receiving our emails, you are on the list and all set.

Attending Sessions

You are welcome to attend any of the sessions over the three days.

Workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday are included with your pass. The workshop with Jaime Levy strongly suggest bringing a laptop. The workshop with Tamara Adlin and Ashby Fiser suggests bringing your resume.

There should be enough seats in every session. But if you care where you sit you may want to get to your sessions early. Seating for all sessions is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please help us plan for sufficient seating by filling out the non-binding session selection survey before the conference.

Bring a sweater! We do our best to maintain a comfortable temperature in all rooms. But large venues can be finicky and you may want to have a wrap. There is a complimentary coat check.

As with a lot of conference venues, finding electrical outlets can be tricky. We will do our best with power strips. But, you should consider coming with a full charge.

Food & Beverage

We will try to keep everyone well fueled during the conference. Our selections are designed to provide many options to accommodate your needs.

Check with the Banquet Captain if you have any questions or concerns about the offerings. Also, feel free to bring your own food supplements if you have specific needs.

Open Work Space

You are welcome to use the Pierside and Channel rooms to relax or work. There are tables and outlets. Feel free to use the pin boards and white boards.

There is a USB charging station in Pierside.


Thank you to Blink UX for sponsoring the conference WiFi. It is available for everyone throughout the conference area Monday-Wednesday.

It can be helpful to our communal bandwidth if you are able to avoid downloading very large files and extended streaming.

Social Media

YouTube: Subscribe to our channel and see all the preview videos for the upcoming event. We also post videos from past events.

Twitter: You might want to follow and contribute to our ConveyUX tweets. The hashtag is #conveyux. We are retweeting interesting comments from our speakers.

Facebook: We have a Facebook page for ConveyUX. The speaker preview videos are posted there in addition to the web site. You are invited to make visitor posts and we hope you “like” it.

LinkedIn: We have a conference Interest Group. This connects you to any of the past, current, or future attendees of ConveyUX who have elected to join the group.

Slides and Other Materials

All registered attendees receive access to presentation slides and other materials.

We  collect the latest versions available from the speakers and post them for you to download a few days before the conference. Use the link below. Please note that not all speakers elect to provide their materials for distribution.

Enjoying ConveyUX and Seattle

Whether you are local or from far away, we hope you enjoy your time at the conference. You might also want to check our some of the extra-curricular activities we’ve curated: Fun in Seattle, Dining Guide, and Seattle Nightlife.


We want your feedback. So, we have several ways you can give it to us. Use any or all, any time, any amount. We read all comments. We will respond to you personally if you provide your badge number or name. The lower right side of your badge has a unique number that you can use to identify yourself to us.

We look forward to hosting you at the conference!