Here is a sample letter you can use to convince your boss that ConveyUX is a smart investment of your time and the company’s money.

Sample Letter


I would like to attend ConveyUX in Seattle on February 27-29, 2024. There are a lot of conferences but I’ve picked ConveyUX because of its focus on UX and stellar programming. I believe that this conference will give me a great opportunity to learn new skills and make meaningful connections that I can bring back [COMPANY].

Unlike large-scale conferences which often have subpar sessions and a lot of time is lost moving from one huge hall to another, ConveyUX is pretty small (around 400 people). The content features some of the industry’s most notable influencers.

Benefits for our company:

Why I want to attend:

ConveyUX has a reputation for very practical sessions and good networking opportunities. I’m also excited that the hands-on workshops are included in the regular ticket price. This is a chance for me to see how other companies organize their work, navigate the research and design process, and ship products. 

Here are three sessions I want to see:

Below is a brief summary of the costs that I anticipate are required. 

$1,195 Conference Fee
$700 Hotel ($219/night, for 3 nights)
$500 Airfare
$80 Ground transportation
$150 Dinners (breakfast and lunch are included in the ticket price)

$2,625 Total 

I sincerely appreciate the opportunities to grow as a professional in our company. I feel confident that I’ll bring back a ton of useful notes and takeaways for the team. I couldn’t be more excited to attend this one, and I’m quite certain that it’s a good investment in training for our entire company.

Thank you for your consideration,