Dive into the Virtual Experience at ConveyUX

For the upcoming ConveyUX, Feb 27–29, 2024, BlinkUX is producing a hybrid event — an in-person experience augmented by a virtual platform. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the virtual experience.

For the Best Experience

  1. Use a desktop or laptop computer (best) or a mobile device.
  2. Use a wired internet connection (Ethernet) or a strong WiFi.
  3. Use a Chrome or Firefox browser.
  4. Use earphones or headphones, if available.
  5. Close non-essential applications and browser tabs.

Secure and Seamless Access

First things first, your security and ease of access are paramount. The platform, RingCentral, operates in a secure, password-protected environment. If you’re new, you can swiftly set up your account upon joining the live event.

Navigate with Ease

With the platform’s intuitive design, you’ll find it easy to hop from one session or area to another. A handy menu of event areas acts as your personal guide, leading you to your desired destinations.

Step into Your Digital Lobby

As you enter the virtual space, you’re welcomed into the Reception area – your go-to spot for all virtual essentials. From a heartfelt welcome message to a dynamic event schedule, you can easily carve out your personal schedule.

Never Miss a Beat with Replay

Juggling sessions can be tricky, but Replay lets you catch up on any session you might’ve missed.

Engage and Interact

Use the platform chat to post your questions or share insights, making every session an interactive experience.

Forge New Connections

With a range of networking tools, you can interact, share insights, and connect with colleagues to forge meaningful connections.

Join from Your Preferred Location

The beauty of this virtual format is its universal accessibility. Whether you’re logging in from home, work, or your suite at The Westin Seattle, you’re in for a seamless experience. And if you’re attending in person, your ticket grants you full access to the virtual space for a comprehensive experience.