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Paul Tidwell


projekt202 • Austin, Texas

Paul is a software architect and leader, where success is measured by delivering a full stack architecture, continuously deployed, and fronted by exactly what the user needs in a compelling UX. Oh, and it must be delivered on time and on budget. Software that exceeds the expectations of the business while being scalable, extensible, maintainable, traceable, secure, compliant and performant are hallmarks of winning software projects – and his teams deliver these for dozens of clients a year. Starting as a professional graphic designer and 3d animator in the late 90s, Paul moved into development with a fintech startup where he built high performance software solutions for securities trading, developed APIs, built killer software teams from scratch, and architected many solutions across a plethora of platforms and form factors. That was followed up by work for a Fortune 100 financial services company, a transactional e-comm company, manufacturing work, and consulting work. C#, C++, Java, Golang, Roku, JavaScript, and objective C are his languages of communication, aside from English, and we all know software is fundamentally a communication problem. He is in love with 12 Factor solutions deployed to containers and embrace automation.