Parinati Sarnot

Sentinel, LLC

GDPR/CCPA Global Program Manager • Kirkland, WA

Pari has over 8 years of consulting and industry experience, including several years in each of Europe, India and the US.  After spending some time in helping one of the companies with its vendor security and privacy program with respect to getting ready for GDPR, she spent close to two years helping another leading technology company with their GDPR implementation efforts and now with CCPA efforts.

Over the last few years she has been helping businesses with privacy program management and implementation efforts including establishing Legal basis for processing data, and conducting ‘Legitimate Interest Assessment’ for high-risk data processing activities; conducting Privacy Risk assessment for new privacy impacting activities, and evaluating the associated risks through out the data lifecycle starting from collection to disposal; translating legal requirements into business requirements; helping teams design their processes and products to meet the regulatory requirements and the business obligations; updating User Privacy Notice and User Cookie Notice globally, etc..