Karen Reilly
Senior Manager User Experience • Workday

Senior Manager User Experience • Workday

Dublin, Ireland

Karen Reilly is a senior design leader in Workday. She has been with Workday for 2.5 years and leads nine designers and researchers on the Help product team.

Before joining Workday, she was UX director and owner of iterate, a design agency in Dublin, working primarily with healthcare, insurance, education, and technology organizations.

Karen is passionate about creating meaningful connections and solutions for the people who need them. With a master’s degree in cyberpsychology, she’s always been interested in how technology affects our behavior and vice versa. She’s been designing products and leading teams for over 14 years, but don’t ask her about symbols in Figma; ask her about people and systems.

At ConveyUX 2017, she facilitated her “Improvise to Empathize” workshop, which focused on increasing compassion and understanding for the people who use and are affected by our products and services.

Now, she wants to turn that compassion and understanding toward us, the people who create the experience, and to the products themselves.