Here is your complimentary access to the Main Event UX conference session videos from ConveyUX 2015.

How to Successfully Sell Your UX Vision, Jane Reinberg Guthrie


Lights! Camera! Interaction! Design Inspiration from Filmmaking, Adam Connor


UX Best Practices and Challenges in the Medical Industry, Stephanie Seraphina

Microinteractions: Designing Details, Dan Saffer

Conflict is the Key to Great User Experience, Steve Fisher

Strategy & Structure: Doing It Right, and How You’d Know, Dan Klyn

Red Herrings: Debunking the Pop Psychology of Color, Elizabeth Allen

Innovation vs. Best Practice – Conflict or Opportunity?, Eric Reiss

Accessibility for the Win: Orchestrating Organizational Buy-In, Shawn Henry

The Considerations, Influences & Effects of Human-Machine Interface Design @ 70 MPH, Parrish Hannah

Accompaniment: A Tool for Building Soulful Technology, Sam Ladner

Massively Mobile: GenZ and the Future of Mobile & Wearables, Pamela Pavliscak

Easy Checks for Web Accessibility, Shawn Henry

Go Home, Data. You’re Drunk., Danielle Malik

UX Research for Live Products, Dave Hora


Practical Creativity, Dan Saffer


Unbiased Methods to Understand the User Experience, Jennifer Romano Bergstrom


Oh Snap! Implementing a Responsive Indoor Map Framework, Conny Liegl


Simplifying Complex Interactions, Dana Bright


Because McLuhan, Dan Klyn


Information Modeling in the Real World, Bram Wessel


Objective Measures for Evaluating UX Frameworks, Sarah Rice


Finding Role Clarity in UX Chaos, Marli Mesibov


Human Design, Steve Kaneko


Learning, Practice Effects, and Usability Testing Results, Jo Elliott


Beyond the Like Button: Incorporating Social Identity Theory into Design, Victor Yocco


Naked UX: Hardware Case Studies and Physical Interaction Design, Jake Fleisher


Content in a Zombie Apocalypse, Karen McGrane


How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love, Jon Kolko