Session Videos from ConveyUX 2016

Conference attendees receive exclusive access to video recordings for four months after the event.

Complimentary Videos

Here is your complimentary access to the Main Event UX conference session videos from ConveyUX 2016.

Balance “Science” with Person-Focused Research, Indi Young

Evolving Challenges and Opportunities in UX Design, Jakob Nielsen

Coming Attractions

The following presentations will be made available in the coming days and weeks as we move to the 2017 event. Sign-up with our contact form to get notified about new video postings – or bookmark this page. Also, check out the videos posted from previous years.

  • State of the Art: Evolving Challenges and Opportunities in UX Design, Jakob Nielsen
  • Designing for Driving with Android Auto, Greg Neiswander
  • Design Explosions: Live, Jon Bell
  • How to Design for an Aging Population, Lea Cuniberti-Duran
  • Digital Transformation at the EU: from the bottom up and the top down Annie Stewart
  • Life As A Rock’ n’ Roll Photographer in Negative Space, Charles Peterson
  • Managing the Big Bang: Lessons Learned from a Site Redesign, Jerrod Larson
  • Collaborative Analysis to Make Research Fun, Efficient and Agile, Sukhada Jog
  • Enterprise UX at the Unusual Speed of Fast, Alix Han
  • Story Secrets for Understanding and Communicating, Christina Wodtke
  • Creating Trust and Belonging for Onboarding, Joscelin Cooper
  • Collaboration Theory to Evaluate Usability in Enterprise, Mariana Garcia
  • Infographics: The Origins and Future of Visual Thinking Gareth Cook
  • Challenges for UX with Privacy and Personalization, Agniezska Walorska
  • Relationship Counseling for Enterprise Software and Consumer Grade UX, Alan Baumgarten
  • Just Enough Design, Byron Baker
  • Redefining Value: Bridging the Innovation Culture Divide, Nathan Shedroff
  • Doing Research in Design-Hostile Environments , Aras Bilgen
  • Cinematic UX, Brad Weaver
  • Virtual Reality and the HyperWorld , Ricardo Parker
  • Quantifying Delightful Design, Llewyn Paine
  • How UX Can Transform Your Company into a Market Leader Eric Schaffer
  • Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design, Maria Giudice