Unlock International UX Expertise … from Home

Online conferences like ConveyUX are not only accessible from anywhere but also make it easier for organizers to fetch talented professionals from around the world to speak. The people at ConveyUX have gathered an exceptional cadre of international speakers for ConveyUX ’23 and anticipate unique, valuable perspectives that will enrich the experience for everyone.

International speakers often describe insights and experiences that deepen our understanding of user experience (UX) across cultural contexts. And learning about methodologies and tools employed in other parts of the world can be highly useful in our work — not to mention the prospects for expanding one’s professional network and collaboration.

ConveyUX is a premier UX conference with a highly diverse group of speakers. The ConveyUX team is thrilled to include the following sessions and international speakers at ConveyUX ’23:

Life and Death Design; An interactive group discussion, Sabine Ballata, Austria

Partnerships by Design, Grace de Athayde, Denmark

Product Research as a Risk Mitigation Strategy for Product Development, Adilice Sanches, Denmark

Designing for Hands, Gestures, and VR, Matt Corrall, England

How UX Research and Behavioural Science Can Help to Improve People’s Cyber Security Behaviours, Dr. Inka Karppinen, England

Over-Complicated? Over-Simplified? The UX Efficient Frontier, Morgane Peng, England

Why You Should Bother Thinking About Ethics and Data Protection When Designing a Digital Product, Lucia Turco, England

Defragmenting Complex Products With User-Centric Frameworks, Yutong Xue, England

Inclusive Research Playbook – Paving the Way for Inclusivity in All We Do, Ulla Geisel, Germany

Age and Interface: Equipping Older Adults with Technological Tools, Rittika Basu, India

Design Beyond Deliverables, Nicole Nardelli, Italy

Research-led Innovation: How to use UX research to inform a product roadmap that leads to an Experience Vision, Sarah Goforth, New Zealand

Adding Unmoderated Studies to Your Research Toolkit, Andrew Pollen, Spain

Designing User Experiences for Children With Special Needs, Siya Hingorani, United Arab Emirates.

Do not miss your chance to learn from more than 60 leading experts in the UX field from around the world and the United States at ConveyUX ’23, May 2-4, 2023.

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