Tulsi Desai
Senior UX Researcher • Blink

Senior UX Researcher • Blink

Austin, Texas, USA

Tulsi Desai is a UX researcher at Blink who loves applying her systems-thinking perspective from mechanical engineering and manufacturing to understand how people use products and services.

After graduating from Duke University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, she spent five years as a Manufacturing Engineer leading product quality and systems design improvements in the energy sector. Driven by the belief that human-centered design should be applied across all stakeholders – including those responsible for assembling products – she went back to school, earning her M.S. in Design Impact from Stanford University. There, she spent a year researching end-of-career transitions, designing a service that proposes an alternative to retirement.

Outside of Blink, you can find her choreographing a Bollywood dance, designing games, or purchasing a new kitchen appliance to optimize how to cook the perfect meal.

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