Luky Primadani

FlixMobility Tech

Luky, who was formerly a visual designer, has nearly 9 years of career experience in various industries; from advertising & graphic design agency to tech companies. She started her digital career right after she moved to Berlin in 2014 and joined some tech startups ranging from car marketplace to SaaS. Currently, she’s in the pursuit of her passion in the mobility business with FlixMobility and decided to shift her focus from visual design into UX design and user research. She likes to challenge the status quo of an organization towards user-centricity and integrate this mindset to create impact within the product development teams and processes.

About FlixMobility

FlixMobility is a global mobility provider, offering new alternatives for convenient, affordable and environmentally-friendly travel via the FlixBus and FlixTrain brands. The unique combination of the technology start-up, e-commerce platform, and classic transport company has positioned FlixMobility as a leader against major international corporations, permanently changing the European mobility landscape.