photo of Lenora Porter

Lenora Porter

Heroku (Salesforce)

Senior Product Designer • Miami, Florida

Lenora Porter, a full-time pixel pusher and avid community leader found her footing right in the place she should have looked all along: Her Hustle. Without a technical background, Lenora hustled her way into tech and redefined what it means to be a multi-passionate creative in a world of technology. During the day, Lenora translates business requirements into beautiful interfaces at Heroku (Salesforce). By night, she’s inspiring others through her Instagram tutorials (@lenora.porter), Slack Community (#React100), and Facebook group (Black Women in Product Design). Lenora’s mission is to inspire other women and minorities to take a bold leap into the world of tech. Tech doesn’t thrive on software engineers alone; it needs those sympathetic, art-focused individuals to keep things above water. With natural talent, determination, and resilience, Lenora believes anyone can transform the world one app at a time through design.