photo of Bill Flora

Bill Flora

Blink UX

Blink UX • Seattle, Washington

Bill Flora is an award-winning design director and strategist with more than 20 years of experience in leading teams and shipping product. During his two decades with Microsoft, he led design efforts for Xbox, Windows Media Center, Zune and Encarta, and was the design force behind Microsoft “Metro” design language. Flora’s influences can be found in the design of software that lights up millions of screens around the globe every day.

Before joining forces with Blink, Bill founded Tectonic, a strategic experience design firm, where he worked with the world’s leading companies envisioning next generation content platforms and expressing brand through software. Clients included HBO; Microsoft; Bang & Olufsen; Amazon; Beats by Dre; Cisco, Samsung; NBC and others.

When Bill isn’t designing the future you can find him trying to plan another trip to Iceland with his family, waxing his skis, or leaning a new chord on his Banjo.