Anna Van Brookhoven


UX Writer and Tech Evangelist • Seattle, WA

I’m a UX Writer working on the Alexa Skills Kit team helping developers design better Alexa skills.  I advocate for creating a better way to communicate via voice tech and making the shift from screen first to voice first. I’ve worked in a lot of different fields, not all of them UX and tech (shout out to my fellow ghost and screen writers). I bring a unique perspective to design in this brave new tech world over the oldest form of communication. My goal is to bring more voices to the table so we can explore a rich and diverse range of experiences across all platforms as we focus on building more inclusive experiences for all customers.

You can reach me on Twitter (@annamatroniks) and check out the Alexa Skills Kit team live on the Alexa Twitch Channel for a variety of shows produced around voice-first tech.