Xinno Health

In my internship at VestLink, I worked as a UX designer with a product manager, UX engineers and led the design of Xinno Health Summit, which is a cross-border health tech summit hosted in Seattle.

I designed the summit website, the printing artifacts, including invitation letter, brochure, name badges, signature board, and LED billboard.

In order to align business goals and user needs, I conducted a competitive brand audit for Xinno Health Summit. I compared prominent tech summits in Seattle based on the heuristics of summit overview, offerings, identity, brand strengths/ weakness and brand opportunities. I also sent out a questionnaire to understand stakeholder’s requirements and expectations of the design. Depending on the findings of the questionnaire and brand audit, I drew a mood board of the Xinno Health summit and presented it to stakeholders, which is a combination of images that can translate what I am making would make other people feel. This step has led to more clarity with relations to the goal of the summit because thoughts or ideas that were not able to be articulated in the project brief come to light.

In the implementation phase, I built the information architecture of the main website and executed wireframes, prototypes and high-fidelity mockups. This resulted in 11 innovative health projects being selected from around 100 teams, which further attracted more than 200 million dollars of funds from investors.

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