What Designers Need to Know about Accessibility

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Developers play a more critical role in insuring the accessibility of online resources to people with disabilities. The increasing awareness of accessibility is moving accessibility from a remediation approach to a design approach, providing an opportunity for designers to build highly accessible user experiences for people disabilities.   But what do designers need to include and understand? This session will explore the issues UX designers need to consider in designing accessible web resources. Designers must learn to understand and appreciate how people with disabilities perceive and interact with web technologies in order to predict the impact of design decisions on their user experience. A key to understanding accessibility is becoming familiar with the operating system features that support accessibility and the basic operation of common assistive technologies like screen readers. The use of web standards is an important resource to help designers use the latest technologies and techniques for accessibility to help people with disabilities enjoy the same level of usability and interoperability as their able-bodied peers.  The HTML5, Accessible Rich Internet Accessibility (ARIA) specifications and ARIA Authoring Guide provides a standardized way to structure and describe web content to users of assistive technologies to improve usability and interoperability.   Participants in this session will learn about the latest W3C technologies and open source design tools to help you start integrating accessible user experience into your designs.

Learning Objectives

Understand the accessibility issues of the following features:

  • Basics of role, states, properties and accessible names
  • Keyboard navigation and focus styling
  • Use of ARIA landmarks to identify functional area of a web page
  • Use of headings to structure content within landmarks
  • Labeling of form controls and grouping labels
  • Color and color contrast and supporting high contrast views

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Date: February 28, 2018 Time: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm photo of Jon Gunderson

Jon Gunderson

University of Illinois