Wellspring Case Study

Connecting families, and individuals, in crisis to the support and resources they need to regain
stability is critical to ending the cycle of family homelessness before it happens. By shifting away from paper-based resources in favor of a digital approach saves time for both caseworkers, and those in crisis. Blink collaborated with Wellspring in order to design a mobile first online tool that provides families in crisis better access to curated, and personalized, resources.

The goals of the project were to understand the information gathering needs of families seeking services, identify opportunities to better serve those in need, create a strategic roadmap for Wellspring to achieve its vision, and to provide inspiration for other social services. The result of this work was a minimum delightful product aimed at enabling users to find relevant resources quickly, and minimizing the stress associated with determining candidacy for certain forms of aid.

Learn more about how the Blink team approached collaboration, enabled research driven design, and challenges counted along the way. We will talk about the phases of generative and evaluative research, envisioning work, and unique environmental factors that contributed to design choices for the end product.

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Interest Area: Date: May 3, 2023 Time: 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Andrew Lenzini
Visual Designer • Blink

Tyler Caro
UX Researcher • Blink