UX and Mixed Reality: an Opportunity for Innovation

In a near future, VR and AR will be part of the regular digital channels offered to us as users and more to the point, as UX professionals. The technology is not fully stabilised, but is far enough along to give an idea of what’s coming. At Yu Centrik, we have been invited to assess the UX of a 3D interface used by Vizua 3D, a Seattle-Montreal tech company that creates content and technology for high-definition 3D images accessed through Microsoft’s Hololens.

This was not our first foray in mixed reality: as grad students some of us have worked on immersive devices, the HIS and the Hyve 3D, both developed at the University of Montréal’s Hybridlab. Looking through the Hololens, our first reflex was to consider how known heuristics might apply to this 3D environment, when it occurred to us that its 3D interface was not mature yet; it was just a transposed web interface waiting for a better solution. This gave us insights into design principles that could guide the development of a true, native 3D interface. I’ll share some of these design insights as well as thoughts on heuristics for 3D environments.

The time is ripe for UX innovators to get involved in the development of what will be mixed reality’s native interface. Furthermore, UX designers need to be ready to help clients achieve greater differentiation by integrating, when appropriate, mixed reality to their omnichannel experience. You’re not convinced mixed reality should be taken that seriously? Two words: Pokémon Go. This presentation invites you to peer into a window of opportunity to design UX’s next space, which in turn, will help move our clients ahead.

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Date: March 1, 2017 Time: 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm photo of Annemarie Lesage

Annemarie Lesage

Yu Centrik