Using Data Science to Quantify User Journeys

Video Recording

Ask a UX Researcher how to bring product usage data into the research mix, and the word triangulation will probably come up in the conversation. With triangulation, you can add more weight to qualitative findings by counting how many times a particular issue occurred in production. It can help you persuade your audience, but it also relegates the quant perspective to a supporting role, often as isolated insights not connected to the broader Data Science efforts at understanding the customer. When it comes to user journeys, how can you approach qual and quant on an even playing field, to paint a holistic picture of the customer story?

In this talk, Sam will share a framework that his UX Data Science team has used to successfully investigate user journeys quantitatively, all while maintaining a strong partnership with their UX Research counterparts. He’ll also include tips to overcome the lexicon barrier between UX and Data Science, so you can pursue these same partnerships in your org, even if your Data Science team isn’t UX-focused, or has never worked with a UX team before.

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Date: February 28, 2018 Time: 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm photo of Sam Zaiss

Sam Zaiss