“User Checks” Method for Agile Usability Testing

  • How can you conduct structured usability testing when there is no lab or UX researcher available?
  • How can you ensure important insights of a usability test are being translated and implemented in an improved design?
  • How will you get the opportunity to re-test an improved design?

“User checks” is an agile way of usability testing with the focus on creating value. With User Checks a design accelerates to a higher level within a very short period and relatively low cost and little resources. User checks maximize the key element of usability testing: getting to empathy. User Checks is closely related to the RITE method: Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation.

You will learn

  • The value of User Checks in comparison to other ways of usability testing and research methods
  • How to organize User Checks
  • How to conduct a User Check
  • How to evaluate findings and synthesize these into viable improvements for design

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Date: February 9, 2016 Time: 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm photo of Anouschka Scholten

Anouschka Scholten