Unbiased Methods to Understand the User Experience

The way we ask questions and behave during UX sessions affects the data we collect and the interpretations of our findings. In order to collect good UX data, it is important for the moderator to be neutral, structured, and unbiased while setting a comfortable stage for participants to share their thoughts and reactions. In this interactive 45-minute session, you will learn about the importance of structured, unbiased methods to collecting user feedback. We will discuss different methods (e.g., in-lab testing, remote moderated/unmoderated testing, surveys, card sorting, focus groups) and pros/cons of each. You will learn about different data that can be collected from usability tests, including subjective (e.g., what participants verbalize about their experience), behavioral (e.g., what participants do) and implicit (e.g., what participants think but cannot explain) data. We will discuss how to ask participants questions in ways that do not introduce biases, and how additional methods, such as eye tracking, may be valuable in understanding the users’ experience. You will learn how to ensure the data we get from UX tests are reliable and valid.

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Date: January 23, 2015 Time: 10:15 am - 11:00 am photo of Jennifer Romano Bergstrom

Jennifer Romano Bergstrom

Fors Marsh Group