Truth in Beauty: The Glamour Digital Ecosystem

Created with a strong human centered design approach the new Glamour connects people’s desires, business objectives and our client’s needs.

When we started, less than 2 years ago, we completely changed Glamour’s business model and market positioning and to do so we ran design workshops with our top clients in the beauty market. The result was a project launched in March 2015 that had many innovative aspects for the publishing industry: just to mention one,, among our digital products, is the only website with no display ADS.
But the most relevant aspect was the way we managed to engage people: we designed and developed some tools to collect people’s data and behaviors in order to enrich our audience profile. Nowadays we count millions of interactions with our touchpoints (web, native apps, social, events…) and gather million of data that we analyze and integrate with our qualitative methodologies to iterate on our product.

Moreover we are going to publish a research called: “Truth in Beauty 2016: How content and people’s behaviors change the rules of business” to unveil what we have learned and give strategic insights to our partners.

Main topic covered during the talk:

  • Innovative concepts and business models for the publishing industry
  • How we build intuitive applications (web, mobile, watch) to collect data and engage people
  • Our iterative design process
  • Highlights from the qualitative and quantitative research we are performing

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Date: March 1, 2017 Time: 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm Pietro Turi

Pietro Turi

Condé Nast