The UX for AI

The application of AI, particularly for enterprise verticals, is still in its infancy. A recent report noted that up to 70% of companies are not doing much with AI & Machine Learning (ML). Adding to this, we have heard time and again from customers that there is still a lot of confusion about how AI and ML can be applied in a way that elevates the human-computer interaction.
In this talk, we will explore how designers, researchers, and product managers can incorporate AI-thinking into their projects. Using insights gathered from enterprise customer research, and lessons learned working with cross-functional stakeholders, attendees will learn about valuable tools, methods, and best practices when developing intelligent digital experiences.
Using the case study method, Jennifer & Capri will share recent examples that explore Enterprise and Consumer use cases that will prompt the audience to explore how AI & ML might impact existing constructs for UX practice.

Learning outcomes:

  • Challenges with getting started in AI user research for both Consumer and Enterprise customers
  • Lessons learned for conducting user research in the context of AI
  • Key considerations that make the UX of AI and Machine Learning unique (e.g. data, security and privacy, ethics)
  • Opportunities to bring back to your team and organization to help move AI and ML projects forward

The Enterprise View Full Agenda
Location: Bell Harbor Conference Center Date: March 11, 2019 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm Photo of Jennifer Otitigbe

Jennifer Otitigbe


Photo of Capri Burrell

Capri Burrell