The IA of AI

If you’ve noticed in increase in attention from the SEO down the hall, it is because Google has determined that UX is the most SEO-proof ranking ranking influence for search results. This is not the UX that we practice. It is UX that is calculated, not observed. It is predicted based on past behavior rather than informed by human understanding. It is determined by machine intelligence rather than guided by collaborative design thinking.

In this workshop you will:

Learn about the ghosts in the machine with a brief introduction to the mechanics of information retrieval.

Find out more about your machine user algorithms: Hilltop (established the state of authority), Topic Sensitive PageRank (applies an ontology to the Web), Orion (creates relationships between concepts), Panda (measures content quality and user experience), Phantom (decide optimal site and page layout) and RankBrain (artificial intelligence that applies supervised learning to predict what the user wants to see).

Get prescriptive guidance on how to include machine users in your designs for human ones. And, by doing so, ensure that the human part of Human Computer interaction remains the driving force.

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Date: February 28, 2017 Time: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm photo of Marianne Sweeny

Marianne Sweeny

Daedalus Information Systems