The Glamour Digital Ecosystem

Created with a strong human centered design approach the new Glamour connects people’s desires, business objectives and our client’s needs.

We started the project by changing Glamour’s digital business model and market positioning and to do so we ran design workshops with our top clients in the beauty market. During the showcase I am going to discuss some sketches and artifacts from these workshops and show off the whole workflow form the very first idea to the implementation of all the touchpoints we included in Glamour’s Ecosystem.

The project was fully designed and developed by internal team I lead and its most relevant aspects are:

  1. The responsive website featuring some tools designed to collect people’s data and behaviors in order to enrich our audience profile.
  2. The apps for iPhone, Android and Apple Watch.
  3. The Research a quantitative analysis of the data gathered enriched with other qualitative methodologies.

For each of them I am going to describe our iterative design process as well as discuss some ideas of future development.

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