Technically Legal – Redesigning the Electronic Filing Process for Legal Professionals


When a software development company couldn’t understand why attorneys weren’t happier with the new document submission software that replaced manually transporting documents to the court house, our team was called in to figure it out. Leveraging insights gathered from in-context research the group identified numerous feature opportunities to mock-up for lab-based Kano testing. Results from testing led to a product roadmap which is currently fueling development.

With a population scope stretching from independent legal practitioners to large law firms, our research presented us with a range of different working styles and needs when it comes to electronically submitting case documents to a judicial court. The team quickly learned that, while there were certainly issues with the software itself, the product was largely meeting resistance due to its disruption of time honored legal traditions surrounding relationships and the ability to leverage direct contact. Our study provided critical evidence in determining what features would make the most valuable impact in easing these concerns. Stacked coefficients diagrams, along with an opportunity matrix and product roadmaps provided key visual assets for guiding us towards our final recommendations. This showcase will also include the comps used in testing and process photos documenting the engagement.


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