Strategy of UX Writing

In most UX teams, the words are the last part to be designed. They are left until the end, only getting written when lorem ipsum can’t take the designs any farther.

But those words can work as hard as any other part of the UX to drive engagement, conversion, and retention. The content can be as consistent as the navigational elements, and convey the brand as clearly as the color palette. The words can align with customer goals and business priorities from the beginning, meet heuristic quality goals, and make a measurable impact.

In this talk, Torrey shares how she gets results by partnering early with design, product, engineering, and legal teams to create content that moves the needle, getting customers doing what they’re there to do while the business meets or exceeds its goals.

You’ll see:

  • Where UX writing fits in (and how it’s different from) other kinds of content
  • A framework to align UX content voice to business principles
  • How and when to include UX writers in the UX design and development process
  • Methods for measuring the impact of content on customer and business goals

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Location: Bell Harbor Conference Center Date: March 11, 2019 Time: 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm Photo of Torrey Podmajersky

Torrey Podmajersky

Author, "Strategic Writing for UX"