Smart Strategies for Building Healthy Partnerships

This session is part presentation, part discussion and part group therapy!

As UXers, we often face friction with our cross-functional partners. We feel that product managers just want to get the product out the door to keep their timeline promises and that engineers just want to build it the way they would want to use it instead of building it according to the end-user needs that you and your team so carefully researched. On the other side, product managers feel that UXers don’t understand the business needs and market pressures. Engineers feel that UXers don’t fully appreciate technical constraints. This can lead to frustrating conversations and less-than-optimal collaboration.

In the short presentation that kicks off this interactive session, Christina Storm will walk you through some examples of how she has been managing the friction in her career. She has been on both sides of the fence (product management and UX) for many years and can describe why the friction is natural and sometimes even desirable. She’ll touch on related topics such as UX maturity of the organization or product team you are working with.  It is important to know where that organization stands. How savvy are they? How would you gauge that? And once you know the answer, how would you approach an appropriate model of engagement to create a healthy collaboration?

After the short presentation, Christina will use a number of discussion starters to get the conversation going and share experiences, tips and tricks. Come prepared with stories you’d like to share! What has worked for you and your team, and what has not? And why?

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Location: Room TBA Date: March 3, 2020 Time: 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm photo of Christina Storm

Christina Storm