Share the Vision: Using Principles, Evolution Maps, and Stories to Make Better Products

You’ve done your research, gathered insights, mapped journeys, and have a strong understanding of what the needs of your customers are, what will delight them, and what opportunities exist to better serve and engage them. As you move into delivery, with the onslaught of sprints, points, user stories, Jira, shipping deadlines, engineering reviews and OKRs, how do you keep that original signal strong? How do you keep those insights and understanding at the forefront with your product partners?

In this talk, I’ll cover the strategic tools that help you partner with product, keep focus on what’s important from your insights, and give your team direction.

In this talk, you’ll learn…

[+] How experience principles will give your whole team an idea of what “good” is
[+] How evolution maps trump roadmaps in being usable across an entire team
[+] How north star stories give product teams a sense of purpose and direction

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Location: Stage Date: November 12, 2020 Time: 9:15 am - 10:00 am

Chris Risdon
Principal Service Designer • H-E-B