“Role” with the Flow: Do What You Want

This session will be remote only. The speaker is presenting via a video link in the Blakely room. This is a room change. 

This session will break down the barriers created by the semantics of designers’ titles.
We each identify as a “User Experience Designer,” “Service Designer,” “Product Designer,” or another similar title, and we each see ourselves as distinctly different from the other. Yet when you consider the common fundamental skillsets and knowledge for each of these roles compared to those that differentiate us, you start to sense that our titles create false divides. The biggest difference I have found among us is the medium in which we work. Should that medium define our sense of self? Should it direct our careers?
While switching media may be a challenge in changing roles, most people with one of the titles listed above will probably have the skills needed to take on that role and learn as they go when necessary. There can be more difficult depending on the direction of your change (e.g. digital to tangible), but every switch has been done before.
By looking at all designers with similar training and responsibilities, we will see ourselves as equals who are capable of taking on the same challenges, if and when inclined.

Take-aways include:

  • Seeing how current titles or roles can influence self-perception and future decisions.
  • Understanding the common and differentiating skillsets and knowledge of various types of designers.
  • Looking at what it takes to take on a new role requiring different knowledge, skills, or working in a different medium.

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Location: Blakely Date: March 4, 2020 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm photo of Maia Ottenstein

Maia Ottenstein

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital