Paying Better Attention to the Problem

“The idea is the place to start.” “Fall in Love with the problem.” “Get out of the building.” Our practice knows the foundation of a well-deserved experience begins with understanding the user. But our world is still full of generic software written “for everyone.” The way to fight past our current state is to pay attention to what comes *before* ideas, and to pay attention to people *before* they even become a potential user.
There are methods that attempt to do this. DesignThinking begins with Empathy. JTBD focuses on what a customer wants to accomplish. But in practice the foundation is only visited for a couple of days. There’s no time in the design/develop cycle for much more than that.
Actually, the problem space is not a part of the design/develop cycle. The problem space is about a person accomplishing a purpose, without regard to any organization or their products. It’s the larger purpose that brings the power to the beginning of Design Thinking and JTBD. The larger purpose is something you can understand at depth, but only if you take time to develop empathy first, before trying to apply it.

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Location: Bell Harbor Conference Center Date: March 13, 2019 Time: 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm photo of Indi Young

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