Partner to Decide Case Study

For people who are pregnant, inducing labor is a method of making labor start using medicine or other methods. In some cases, labor induction is necessary to avoid risk factors during pregnancy, but in healthy pregnancies, labor induction is, or should be, a choice. Research shows that pregnant people of color, those who are publicly insured, and those with lower levels of education are less likely to be given the information they need to make an informed decision about labor induction. Blink worked with Partner to Decide to create a digital decision aid tool that increases equitable access to shared decision-making in maternity care.

The goals for the project were to understand patient needs, create research-informed solutions, and deliver a trustworthy brand that resonates with patients and providers. The outcome was a improved experience for patients and providers alike. Medical providers who tested the tool said it improved the quality and consistency of their work and reduced bias in their care. Patients described the experience as “awesome” and “empowering.”

Find out how the Blink team approached the work, the challenges they encountered, and the methodologies they used to solve them. We’ll talk about foundational research, concept design and testing, brand ideation and development, as well as accessibility and the team’s approach to working in multiple languages.

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