Mapping the Patient Experience

How a design team is working to improve the genomic testing experience for cancer patients.

Foundation Medicine is a Boston-based company that is advancing precision medicine for those affected by cancer by sequencing cancer patients’ DNA and matching them to relevant therapies and clinical trials options that may target the genomic mutations driving their cancer.

To accomplish this, Foundation Medicine offers a suite of genomic tests that are ordered by the patient’s treating physician to help inform treatment decision-making for each individual based on the genomic insights provided by the tests. While results currently are returned to the physician only, and there is a robust support system for patients with questions and outstanding needs, historically, cross-functional alignment around a holistic patient experience with our company has been limited.

This talk will explore how an in-house experience design team is working towards a comprehensive, company-wide approach to the patient experience. This is especially critical as the company scales, and the risk if we take no action is that multiple stakeholders will only have oversight of very specific components of the experience–often without visibility into what the other is doing.

A cross-functional service design map of the patient experience presents multiple opportunity areas, including the following: detailed mapping of key patient journeys as they relate to testing, an understanding of where various teams intersect that journey, and a framework by which those teams can define key patient needs and propose potential solutions.

Takeaways & Learning Outcomes

  • A brief review of today’s patient experience and how genomic testing intersects it
  • Collaborative methods for mapping the patient experience that ensures everybody is bought in
  • A short case-study about how service design mapping at Foundation Medicine is supporting key decision-making about internal, customer-facing and even patient-facing products and services.

Design View Full Agenda
Date: March 3, 2020 Time: 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm photo of Michael Kontopoulos

Michael Kontopoulos

Foundation Medicine