Lime: A Smart Glass to Reduce Alcohol Overconsumption

Lime is a smart glass to help user control alcohol addiction and gives a better experience every time they drink! We tried to look deeper into young adults aging from 21-35 years old, from our research we found that this age group of people loves drinking, wants to control as they are health conscious, but they see no practical and enjoyable way.

The study explores the user motivations behind alcohol consumption through a series of design research methods such as ethnographic study, interviews, surveys, and cultural probes. The Data from the study were collected, structured and analyzed from which we identified five key insights
1. The main reason to motivate people to drink is to socialize.
2. Self-awareness is what makes a difference to stop them from drinking.
3. The most important motivation for people to control drinking is their health.
4. Outside reminders like something that could help track how much people drink could help them better improve their self-awareness.

Besides, using these insights to develop “Lime” ideation and testing methods such as speed dating matrix, user enactment, and hall-way testing are used to refine the final solution.

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