Interaction Design Bootcamp: Sketch and InVision

Workshop files and instructions

  • Join the conference Slack site on our FAQ page and then find the channel: workshop_swaroop
  • Download the free trial version of Sketch here if you don’t already have one:
  • Download the free program IconJar here:
  • Download InVision plug-in here:
  • I have attached a zip file containing the font Roboto which is the font that is used on Google Material Design products. Please install it on your machine so that it shows up when we begin our Sketch/InVision session creating a native phone app.
  • I have attached a zip file that contains the library we will be importing into IconJar to complete our work in the Sketch/InVision session. Please import it before the workshop.

Workshop description

You have done your UX research, wireframes and are ready to design your app. This 3.5 hour workshop will cover fundamentals of interaction design by designing a native app in Sketch that we will prototype in InVision. The course will include:

  • Creating artboards in Sketch
  • Editing artboards in Sketch
  • Exporting artboards
  • Adding interactions to the screens in InVision
  • Team collaboration on your designs
  • Testing your designs with real users with User Testing integration

Requirement: If you want to follow the how-to visual design portion of the workshop bring your laptop loaded with a free trial of Sketch. For the InVision portion, I will show you how to sign up for a free account. All you need is a computer with an Internet browser and a valid email address.


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Date: February 28, 2017 Time: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm photo of Shraddha Swaroop

Shraddha Swaroop

MRM UX Studio