Building Efficient and Informative Research Programs for Product Design Teams

Conducting research in the course of product development has become more of a norm these days, but user experience professionals still struggle to determine what types of research are most valuable and how much research needs to be done during the product creation process.

Irene Barber and Tom Satwicz have decades of experience developing research programs and leading product creation teams across a wide range of industries. Irene comes from a design background and Tom comes from a social science background, but they find common ground in the evidence-based product design approach!

In this workshop, they’ll show you how to develop foundational, conceptual and evaluative research programs during the product creation process, and give you activities along the way to practice these techniques.

You will learn:

  • The skills to effectively integrate user research into the product development process with a strong return on investment.
  • How foundational user research can help product teams understand user goals, generate insights, narrow focus, and gain alignment.
  • How to use research to evaluate and iterate on product concepts.
  • How to validate design and product decisions to ready your product for launch.
  • Inspiration to do more user research on your own.

Workshop Helpers

  • Caryn Arredondo, UX Designer, Blink
  • Logan Quinn, UX Designer, Blink

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