Inclusive Research Playbook – Paving the Way for Inclusivity in All We Do

We want to empower everyone to do research inclusively, regardless of role or job title. To help teams get started, we developed an inclusive research playbook that provides best practices, templates, and tools that anyone can use, from novice to expert. It shows that we could adapt the methods and tools we already use in our daily research practice.

But we need to reframe our research approach so that we co-innovate with our participants, let them be our guides as we learn to understand their lived experiences in their individual contexts. We also need to create a cultural mindset shift to make diversity and inclusion the norm for our product teams. It’s not enough for roles such as research, design, engineering, user assistance, support, sales, and others to be involved and work closely together throughout the end-to-end development cycle. We also need to ensure that the people working together represent the widest range of human diversity with respect to abilities, cultural backgrounds, age, gender, and more. It’s the only way we will build truly inclusive products experiences.

 You will learn

  • How did it all start
  • What we’ve done to get to where we are today
  • We’ll share tools and best practices
  • An example for the playbook in practice

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