Improving the student experience with data analytics

At Academic Experience Design & Delivery, an IT unit at the University of Washington, we strive to enhance the student experience by delivering a wide range of technology solutions. In this showcase, I will discuss tools developed by a cross-functional analytics team that help students navigate their path towards a degree and enable instructors to improve the classroom experience for undergrads.

From data wrangling to gaining buy-in from stakeholders scattered across a decentralized organization, designing and delivering data tools comes with myriad challenges. In this showcase, I’ll discuss the unique design challenges we’ve faced and tell our success (and not so successful) stories of prototyping, evangelizing, and delivering tools for improving the student experience.

Talking points

• Rapidly developing and evangelizing low-fidelity prototypes
• Adjusting pace and fidelity for opportune launch dates
• The intersection of data science and UX professions
• Aligning institutional priorities and user needs

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