Human-centered Statistics: When Quantitative Data meets UX Research

The purpose of this session is to highlight the importance of human-centered thinking and empathy in statistics. People create so much data! But data are more than just numbers—statistics represent real people. As more human behaviors become digital, the tech industry needs folks who are data literate and human-centered to make sense of this data.

Quantitative UX researchers are well-equipped to bring empathy into quantitative data collection and data analysis. While quantitative UX researchers have a similar toolkit/skillset as folks in other data roles (e.g., data scientists, data analysts), UX researchers bring a human-centered focus to data analysis. It’s no wonder that companies like Google, Facebook, and LogMeIn are starting to employ quantitative UX researchers on their teams.

Expected takeaways

  • Strategies for integrating human-centeredness and empathy into quantitative data
  • Strategies for reducing bias
  • Excitement for working with quantitative data!

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Location: Fifth Avenue Room Date: March 5, 2020 Time: 9:00 am - 9:45 am photo of Britney LeBaron

Britney LeBaron