From Idea to Test

As UX practitioners, we don’t get always get the experience of what it is like to participate in our collaboration sessions. We also often face challenges with getting our teams to focus on the right aspect of our products.

In this workshop, you will collaborate in teams and practice methods to help you hone in on improving your product. You will get hands-on practice in taking an idea all the way from its inception to testing it with users. We’ll start with an overview of the what, why and how of each step of the process. Then we’ll jump into hands-on practice where you will rapidly design a mobile app (of your own choosing) and test a clickable prototype with users.

For the testing portion, you will use a scorecard to determine how well your design performs. This scorecard allows individuals and teams to objectively assess the effectiveness of a design so that it is clear what areas of the design need further refinement or focus for improvement.

Participants will learn how to:

  • foster collaboration and generate ideas rapidly using Design Studio
  • create a clickable prototype without coding
  • construct a usability test (for the participant and the facilitator)
  • conduct a usability test
  • setup and use a scorecard to objectively assess your test’s components across participants
  • work quickly with light-weight methods

The session will arm you with practical ways to iterate through concepts and designs and foster collaboration that you can start using right-away with your projects and teams. When the whole team participates there is greater buy-in and support to deliver meaningful product experiences with the added bonus of demystifying UX.

You will need to bring your smartphone/tablet and laptop.

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Date: February 9, 2016 Time: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm photo of Nicole Capuana

Nicole Capuana