Fission to Fusion – Boosting the Value of your Design Process

Every day, 23,000 users rely on Lucidchart as their online diagraming solution. Boosting the value of design for these customers has to happen without any downtime or disruption. Over the last two years, the product design team at Lucid Software has invested in thoughtful, reusable, and scalable design methods to maximize the impact we have on our product development process. In just a couple years, we’ve evolved from a two-man “design service” to a full-stack, design team that now influences the product at all levels. Now our team analyzes customer behavior, builds coded prototypes, delivers design specs to fast-moving engineers, and tests designs decisions – all in a rich design cycle.

Attendees in this session will learn our design team’s home-grown R.Y.T. framework, an evaluation method of choosing tools and processes, that has become the philosophy behind the design growth in our company. Attendees will also hear inside stories about how we’ve invested in unique custom design tools and off-the-shelf software, “chaining” them together to boost the yield of our effort. With these insights designers can critically approach challenges and frustrations in their environment, and improve the outcome of design for their organizations and users.

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Date: March 1, 2017 Time: 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm photo of MarttSnyder

Matt Snyder

Lucid Software